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EPJ description text

EPJ is a rapidly growing series of internationally reputed, peer-reviewed journals that are indexed in all major citation databases. The editorial boards of the EPJ are composed of leading specialists in their respective fields and have made it their mission to uphold the highest standards of scientific quality in the journals. EPJ started in the late 1990s as a merger and co-publication of Zeitschrift für Physik (Springer), Journal de Physique (EDP Sciences) and Il Nuovo Cimento (Società Italiana di Fisica) covering all aspects of the pure and applied physical sciences. Its spectrum has since expanded to encompass many interdisciplinary topics, including complexity and data sciences.

Article processing charges and waivers

A full waiver scheme is in place for all Thematic Series. To receive this, please request a waiver during submission and state the reason for the request as "submitting to a Thematic Series”. If you would like to request a waiver for a regular submission, please contact the Editor-in-Chief. For more information on Article Processing Charges and waivers, please see here.


EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation is copublished by Societa Italiana di Fisica,EDP Sciences and Springer.


Aims and scope

EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation focuses on the design, implementation, and application of new techniques in all areas of the physical and applied sciences. Of particular interest to the journal are advances produced by:

  • Laboratory-specific custom instrumentation and diagnostics
  • Innovative and clever experimental techniques
  • Subtle refinements to established experimental setups
  • Novel analytical methods

Papers in the journal should summarize a novel, significant result, and provide a detailed description of the equipment, methods, or techniques used to produce the result. They may also include discussions of underlying theory, and/or potential cross-disciplinary applications.

EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation publishes regular articles, as well as short commentary articles intended to promote discussion and debate. Reviews of known techniques, or of open questions in emerging fields, are also strongly encouraged. This fully Open Access journal is devoted to the broad, timely, and public dissemination of information.

Open thematic series

Thematic Series submissions are eligible for a waiver, please request this during submission and state the reason for the request as "submitting to a Thematic Series".

Novel Plasma Diagnostics

Submissions are invited to a Thematic Series that will be devoted to recent developments in plasma diagnostics with particular focus on emerging unconventional diagnostics. Following the scope of the journal, papers should be concerned with the principle of operation and discussion of technique, rather than focusing on data and physical interpretations.

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