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Figure 7

From: Influence of squeeze-film damping on higher-mode microcantilever vibrations in liquid

Figure 7

Shift in added mass and damping coefficients due to squeeze-film damping. (a) The shift in the added mass coefficient Δa m quantifies the co-moving fluid mass relative to the cantilever mass and is a measure for the inertial loading; the shift in the absolute fluid mass Δm f is provided on the right axis. (b) The shift in damping coefficient Δc equals the dissipation per unit length acting on the cantilever; the shift in dissipation normalized to the fluid viscosity η is provided on the right axis. The shifts Δa m and Δc caused exclusively by squeeze-film damping were calculated by subtracting the values recorded in the unbounded fluid, a m,H»1 and c H»1 , provided in the figure legend. The means ± SD (N = 3) are shown.

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