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Table 1 Characteristics of the hollow cantilever and microfluidic cantilever-based platform

From: A microfluidic AFM cantilever based dispensing and aspiration platform

Parameter Units
Cantilever dimensions (each leg) Type-A: L:155 μm, W:42 μm, T:4.9 μm Type-B: L:155 μm, W:6.4 μm, T:4.9 μm
Channel dimensions (each leg) Type-A: L:153.5 μm, W:40 μm, T: 2.2 μm Type-B: L:153.5 μm, W:3.7 μm, T: 2.2 μm
Spring constant Type-A: 2.4 N/m (when empty); Type-B: 9.4 N/m (when empty)
Resonance frequency Type-A: 153.94 kHz (when empty); Type-B: 110 kHz (when empty)
Aspiration and dispensing flow rate 50 fL/s @1.5 bars
External dispenser
Pressure range 0.85 bars under pressure to 5.0 bar overpressure; 0.01 bar resolution
Settling time at dispenser out <100 ms
Climate control
Temperature range Ambient to 40°C ±0.5
Humidity range 30% – 90% RH ±5% non condensing 90% – 100% RH ±5% condensation
Substrate alignment  
Alignment accuracy Between chip positions on the same substrate: <1 μm Between different chips: <2 μm