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Figure 5

From: PPMS-based set-up for Raman and luminescence spectroscopy at high magnetic field, high pressure and low temperature

Figure 5

Exemplary measurements showing the magnetic field and temperature dependence of Raman spectrum of Ba 3 NbFe 3 Si 2 O 14 along the [1-10] direction. The black arrows indicate the 506 cm −1 phonon mode. (a) Ba 3 NbFe 3 Si 2 O 14 Raman spectra as a function of temperature in zero magnetic field. (b)+(c) Detail view showing the influence of magnetic fields to the 5 K Ba 3 NbFe 3 Si 2 O 14 Raman spectrum. (d) Frequency shift of the 506 cm −1 mode around the phase transition temperature T N in zero magnetic field. Dashed line indicates T N, extracted from magnetic and heat capacity measurements (not shown).

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