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Figure 2

From: Applications of Raman micro-spectroscopy to stem cell technology: label-free molecular discrimination and monitoring cell differentiation

Figure 2

Analysis of Raman spectra of neuroprogenitor and derived-glial cells. (A) Average Raman spectra of neuro-progenitor stem cells and glial cells, and their computed difference. The side lines represent the standard deviation calculated at each wavenumber. (B) Comparison between the computed difference spectrum in (A) and the Raman spectra measured from purified RNA and DNA. (C) Fluorescence images of undifferentiated neural stem cells (blue=nuclei, red=nestin), (D) glial cells (blue=nuclei, green=GFAP) recorded at the end of the Raman measurements. (E) Brightfield images of live neuro-progenitor cells indicating the location of the nuclei (fluorescence staining after Raman measurements). (F) Raman spectra measured from the live neuro-progenitor cells at locations indicated by the marks. Scale bars: 10 μm.

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