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Fig. 21

From: Rydberg-Stark deceleration of atoms and molecules

Fig. 21

Off-axis electrostatic trap. a Schematic diagram of the Rydberg-Stark decelerator and off-axis electrostatic trap (not to scale). In this figure, the end-cap electrodes (E5 and E6, and E9 and E10) which close off the on-axis and off-axis quadrupole traps formed between electrodes E1–E4 and E2, E4, E7 and E8 in the y dimension [see Fig. 16(a)] are omitted for clarity. b The sequence of electric potentials applied to the six principal electrodes of the device for deceleration and off-axis trapping. The time on the horizontal axes in (b) is displayed with respect to the time of photoexcitation. From [120]

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