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Fig. 25

From: Rydberg-Stark deceleration of atoms and molecules

Fig. 25

Trapping H2 molecules in selected Rydberg-Stark states. (a,i) n=22, |M J |=3 Stark spectrum of H2 recorded in an electric field of 278 V/cm with detection after a time delay of 3 μs. (ii,iii) Spectra of low-field-seeking k=10−18, n=22, |M J |=3 Stark states of H2 detected after a trapping time of 50 μs with deceleration potentials of (ii) ±1.7 kV and (iii) ±2.3 kV. (b,ii) and (b,iii) Calculated spectra obtained following numerical simulations of particle trajectories for deceleration potentials of (ii) ±1.7 kV, and (iii) ±2.3 kV. c Calculated |M J |=3 Stark structure in the vicinity of n=22 in H2. The thick lines indicate the range of maximum electric-field strength experienced by molecules during deceleration with potentials of (ii) ±1.7 kV, and (iii) ±2.3 kV. From [98]

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