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Fig. 29

From: Rydberg-Stark deceleration of atoms and molecules

Fig. 29

Potential energy distributions in the moving frame of reference associated with an electric field minimum in a surface-electrode Rydberg-Stark decelerator. Potential energy distributions in the yz-plane at the mid-point of a surface-electrode Rydberg-Stark decelerator in the x-dimension surrounding a moving electric field minimum for accelerations of 0, −5×105, −5×106 and −5×107 m/s2. The contour lines are spaced by E/k B=1 K beginning at 1 K. Cases for which H atoms in (ad) |n,k〉=|33,26〉, and (eh) |50,40〉 states are displayed. As are those in (i) and (j) for Xe atoms in the |50,40〉 state

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