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Fig. 1

From: Design and characterization of a linear quadrupole ion trap for high-resolution Coulomb-crystal time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Fig. 1

a Top and side view schematics of the ion trap chamber and the time-of-flight (TOF) tube. Laser beams at 397 nm, 866 nm and 355 nm used for laser cooling and generation of Ca + are indicated. b, c Schematics of the ion trap and the electrode assembly for the TOF spectrometer. +V RF and -V RF denote the RF potentials applied to the electrodes. The static endcap potential is denoted with U DC. E1 and E2 are the ion ejection electrodes. Electrodes E3 to E5 constitute the ion optics for post-ejection-acceleration. In the side-view 3D-drawing, the trap holder is omitted for clarity. d Laser-cooling fluorescence image of a typical Coulomb crystal of Ca + ions used in the experiments

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