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Fig. 1

From: The aerosol impact spectrometer: a versatile platform for studying the velocity dependence of nanoparticle-surface impact phenomena

Fig. 1

Schematic and perspective view of the Aerosol Impact Spectrometer. Components starting from the charged aerosol source: Enclosed electrospray ionization (ESI); Desolvation tube; Aerodynamic Lens (ADL); Differential pumping, ion optics and image charge detector ICD-QD1; Quadrupole Deflector (QD), ion optics and ICD-QD2; Injection optics for Nanoparticle Electrostatic Trap (NET), including ICD1; NET, including ICD2; Injection optics; and 9-stage Linear Accelerator (LINAC); Final ICD (ICD3) and collision target. Locations of image charge detection tubes are indicated with a black arrow

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