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Fig. 6

From: Optimizing the density of Stark decelerated radicals at low final velocities: a tutorial review

Fig. 6

Effect of the synchronous velocity v s on the density of decelerated molecules. a TOF profiles of the decelerated OH beam at various final velocities (carrier gas: Kr, mean beam velocity v mean=470 m/s, velocity spread (FWHM) of Δ v/v=20%). The synchronous velocity v s has been chosen to be 450 m/s. The employed phase angles Φ 0 and the resulting final velocities v final are indicated on top of each TOF profile. b OH TOF profiles obtained for deceleration at different initial synchronous velocities to a common final velocity of 35 m/s. All other experimental conditions are identical to those of the experiments in Fig. (a). In both (a) and (b), black lines represent experimental results and gray lines Monte-Carlo trajectory simulations

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