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Fig. 1

From: A supplemental device to return escaping particles to a magnetic mirror reactor

Fig. 1

a-d Dependence of a velocity υz (z - component) of a relativistic electron on the phase of an electric field, based on Eq. (12). The physical conditions are: an initial velocity \( {z}_0=\left|\widehat{z}\ {10}^8\right| \) m/s at time t0 (written in each of (a)-(d)), E (t) =\( -\widehat{z}\ {10}^3\ cos\omega t\kern0.5em \mathrm{V}/\mathrm{m},\kern0.5em {\omega}_c=q\ \left|\widehat{y}\ \mathbf{B}\right|{\left(1-{z}_0^2/{c}^{"}\right)}^{1/2}/{m}_e={10}^8\ {\left(1-{z}_0^2/{c}^{"}\right)}^{1/2}{\sec}^{-1}, \) and ωc/ω =1.0001. The flight time tt0~t0 + 12 (2π/ωc) sec

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