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Fig. 12

From: A supplemental device to return escaping particles to a magnetic mirror reactor

Fig. 12

The gyration orbit of a nonrelativistic electron. The physical conditions are the same with in Fig. 9, except for the following two changes: \( \left\{\ \begin{array}{c}\widehat{z}\ {z}_0=-\widehat{z}\ 0.31\times {10}^8\to +\widehat{z}\ 0.31\times {10}^8\ \mathrm{m}/\mathrm{s}\kern2.75em \\ {}{c}^{"}={\left(3\times {10}^8\ \mathrm{m}/\sec \right)}^2\to {\left(3\times {10}^8\times {10}^6\ \mathrm{m}/\sec \right)}^2\ \end{array}\right. \)

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