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Fig. 12

From: A detailed account of the measurements of cold collisions in a molecular synchrotron

Fig. 12

Measured loss rate as a function of the delay between the trigger of the valve and the arrival time of the ammonia packets at the detection zone, for v\(\protect \phantom {\dot {i}\!}{~}_{\text {ND}_{3}}=121.1\) m/s. Panels ad depict measurements with different temperatures of the valve housing that result in different average velocities as indicated in the top left corners. The black squares represent measurements containing 2400 shots each, while the coloured points represent measurements containing 21,600 shots each. The error bars, for the coloured points obscured by the symbols, denote the standard errors. The black lines show the results of simulations described in “Model to extract the relative cross section from the measured loss rates” section, scaled to fit the data in each panel. The reduced χ2’s of the fits are 0.93, 1.01, 1.09, and 1.31 for panels ad, respectively

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