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Fig. 14

From: A detailed account of the measurements of cold collisions in a molecular synchrotron

Fig. 14

a-d Collision energy distributions determined from simulations for collision experiments with \(v_{ND_3}=121.1\) m/s and vAr as indicated. The black curves represent the distribution for collision measurements that combine the measurements at each valve timing, i.e. all the black squares in Figs. 12 and 13. Since in this way the entire argon packet is probed, the distribution corresponds simply to the longitudinal velocity distribution of the argon beam at a particular temperature. The grey, red, and blue curves represent the collision energy distributions for the collision measurements indicated by the grey, red, and blue data points in Figs. 12 and 13. The grey, red, blue, and black bars in the bottom of each graph represent the widths of the distributions, as they are displayed by the horizontal error bars in Fig. 16

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