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Fig. 3

From: A detailed account of the measurements of cold collisions in a molecular synchrotron

Fig. 3

Top view of the experimental set-up (to scale). ND3 molecules are decelerated to velocities of 100–150 m/s using a Stark decelerator and injected into a molecular synchrotron consisting of 40 electric hexapole elements arranged in a half-meter-diameter circle. Ammonia molecules can be detected at the injection point or at a quarter ring downstream (detection zone II). The argon beamline consists of a cooled solenoid valve that is skimmed by a 5 mm and a 1.5 mm skimmer. Argon atoms are detected 770 mm in front of the synchrotron (detection zone I) or inside the synchrotron (detection zone II). The argon beamline makes an angle of 94,5 degrees with respect to the injection beamline such that the argon beam moves parallel to the first hexapole in the synchrotron behind detection zone II

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