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Table 2 Overview of decay modes that are used to select calibration samples

From: Selection and processing of calibration samples to measure the particle identification performance of the LHCb experiment in Run 2

Species Low momentum High momentum
e ± B+J/ψK+ with J/ψe+e  
μ ± B+J/ψK+ with J/ψμ+μ J/ψμ+μ
π ± \(K^{0}_{\mathrm {s}} \rightarrow \pi ^{+}\pi ^{-}\) D+D0π+ with D0Kπ+
K ± \(D^{+}_{s} \rightarrow \phi \pi ^{+}\) with ϕK+K D+D0π+ with D0Kπ+
\(p, \overline {p}\) Λ0pπ \(\Lambda ^{0} \rightarrow p\pi ^{-} \, ; \Lambda ^{+}_{c} \rightarrow pK^{-}\pi ^{+}\)
  1. The high momentum samples are primarily selected, while the low momentum samples are included to maximise the kinematic coverage as much as possible