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Table 2 Design parameters of the RIT4 and further input parameters of the global models

From: Global models for radio-frequency ion thrusters

Parameter Symbol Value Unit
Radius of discharge chamber R 21.5 mm
Length of discharge chamber lDC 41.0 mm
Thickness of screen grid tScreen 0.5 mm
Thickness of acceleration grid tAccel 1.0 mm
Thickness of deceleration grid tDecel 1.0 mm
Space between adjacent grids s 0.75 mm
Diameter aperture screen grid dScreen 1.9 mm
Diameter aperture acceleration grid dAccel 1.2 mm
Diameter aperture deceleration grid dDecel 1.9 mm
Number of coil windings NCoil 6.0 1
Slope of the coil sCoil 5 \(\frac {\text {mm}}{\text {winding}}\)
Number of beamlets N 151.0 1
Grid transparency for neutrals1 βn 5.29 10−2
Temperature of the neutral gas2 Tg 423.15 K
Resistance of the coil3 RCoil 0.48 Ω
RF-frequency fRF 2.53 MHz
  1. 1hexagonal arrangement of apertures
  2. 2theoretical value
  3. 3Experimental value including feeding cable, used as input of the 0D model.