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Figure 1

From: On-chip cavity optomechanical coupling

Figure 1

Dimpled tapered fiber coupling. a) Schematic indicating the method by which a dimpled tapered fiber (light blue) selectively couples to a single on-chip optomechanical device (purple). In an actual experiment many thousands of devices (approximately 100 μm by 50 μm) fit on a typical 1 cm by 1 cm square chip. b) Simulation of the magnitude of the electric field (red) for a WGM excited in an optical microdisk cavity (5 μm in diameter) side-coupled to a torsional resonator’s paddle. The geometric limits of the disk and torsional resonator are outlined in black. Note that the presence of the paddle perturbs the effective index of refraction of the optical mode, resulting in a distorted evanescent field.

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