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Figure 8

From: On-chip cavity optomechanical coupling

Figure 8

Optomechanical coupling chamber. a) Schematic of the optomechanical coupling chamber. The resonance lineshape from an optical cavity measured by monitoring the DC component of the fiber’s transmission while sweeping the laser frequency across one of its resonances is shown in the bottom left in red. Likewise, mechanical resonance data measured using the spectrum analyzer (SA) is presented on the bottom right in yellow. In the top right is a picture taken with our microscope imaging system of a dimpled fiber coupled to a torsional optomechanical device. As well, an angled SEM image of the same device (not to scale) is overlaid on the chamber. FPC - fiber polarization controller, VOA - variable optical attenuator, ADC - analog-to-digital converter, PD - photodiode. b) Picture of our optomechanical coupling chamber viewed from the outside while under vacuum. c) Close-up of the optical access port, illustrating how optomechanical coupling is observed. d) Picture of the inside of the chamber containing the Attocube ANPz/x nanopositioning stack, highlighting the positioning stages and fiber holder.

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