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Call for papers: SI units and experimental techniques

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The revision of the SI, which took effect 2019, has been made possible due to impressive progress in metrology associated to experimental determinations of a range of fundamental natural constants. Several of the latter now have fixed values and serve as definitions of SI base units. New technological developments are, to name a few examples, the Kibble balance, frequency combs, atomic frequency standards and dielectric-constant gas thermometry.

To this topical issue, we invite original articles related to all aspects of detailed technology and implementations of SI units and the associated natural constants. The issue will serve to disseminate all such aspects of the experimental apparatuses involved that are useful for the metrological and general scientific community. This includes hardware, experimental controls, diagnostics, software and also regional implementations and techniques for international comparisons of standards.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to experimental and diagnostic aspects, measurements, methods, best practices, algorithms, calibrations, distribution and comparison of unit standards, for example for:

· the kilogram – the Planck constant
· the meter – the speed of light
· the second – frequency standards
· the ampere – the elementary charge
· the kelvin – the Boltzmann constant
· the candela – luminous standards
· the mole – the Avogadro constant

The Lead Editor

Anders Kastberg, Université Côte d’Azur, France

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