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Table 2 Parameters for the employed silicon cantilevers immersed in water

From: Influence of squeeze-film damping on higher-mode microcantilever vibrations in liquid

Cantilever properties
L Length 250 μm
b Width 35 μm
h Thickness 2 μm
ρ c Mass density 2330 kg · m−3
μ c Mass per unit length 0.163 mg · m−1
E Young’s modulus 169 GPa
I Area moment of inertia 23.3 μm4
Q n Quality factor of mode n  
f n Eigenfrequency of mode n Hz
f n,vac Vacuum frequency of mode n Hz
a m Added mass coefficient  
c Damping per unit length Pa · s
Fluid properties
ρ f Mass density 998.25 kg · m−3
η f Viscosity 1.005 mPa · s
Gap properties
g Gap m
H = g/b Normalized gap