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Ion Mobility Spectrometry
This topical issue provides a forum for disseminating further aspects of the techniques and instrumentation that have made IMS such an important technique for understanding the structure and dynamics of large molecular ions.
Edited by: Robert E. Continetti and Evan J. Bieske

Accelerating the design of the future circular collider
This collection of articles describes progress on the Future Circular Collider (FCC) lepton (electron-positron) design as well as the hadron collider design.  The FCC is a proposed 100-km collider complex based at the CERN particle physics laboratory, profiting from the laboratory's existing research infrastructure. 
Edited by: Angeles Faus-Golfe and Tor Raubenheimer


Diagnostics for electric propulsion systems
This topical issue reviews the design and operating experience of related diagnostics and control systems from a number of different thruster concepts and missions. Topics such as hardware and software choices, links to spacecraft breadboard systems, communication and signal processing and resulting performance are covered as well.
Edited by: Holger Kersten

Instrumentation and Control of Large Helium Cryogenic Systems
This issue reviews the design and operating experience of the control systems from a number of existing cryogenic systems and also discusses the control approach to a number of cryogenic systems under development. Topics such as hardware and software choices, links to larger control systems, use of community standards and resulting performance are covered.
Edited by: J. G. Weisend II 


Methods for Cold Molecules and Ions: Tutorial Reviews
This thematic series features selectively invited, tutorial-style review articles from key scientists in the field detailing the "nuts and bolts" of cold molecules, ions and collision experiments, meant both to educate beginning PhD students and to support new groups entering the field. After the remarkable progress of recent experiments on the production and manipulation of cold molecules and ions, these techniques are now finding applications in many subfields of physics and chemistry. A comprehensive collection of methodological tutorials on this topic is therefore timely and constitutes added value for students and researchers. This collection will continue to be maintained in the future to form an open-access knowledge base for the entire cold molecules community.
Edited by: Hendrick Bethlem, Robert Continetti and Stefan Willitsch

Raman Spectroscopies: Techniques and Applications
This thematics series is devoted to new techniques and novel instrumentation in Raman spectroscopies and their application across a broad range of subjects, from materials science to biology and biomedicine.
The goal is to provide an overview of the state-of-the art and to highlight recent developments in the field of Raman spectroscopic techniques, which are making significant impact as characterization tools and are enhancing our understanding of structural aspects, both in time and space resolutions, across a wide range of disciplines and applications.
Edited by: Tony Parker, Siva Umapathy and Ioan Notingher


Fundamentals of Nanomechanical Transduction
Research in nanomechanical transduction has experienced tremendous progress over the past few years. This thematic series on the fundamentals of nanomechanical transduction focuses on recent advances on the development of structures, devices and systems for nanomechanical transduction, especially those more concerned with physical and engineering aspects that do not typically feature in regular papers.
Edited by: Peter Grütter, Jürgen Brugger and Francesc Perez-Murano

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